28 April 2009

1st Sleep Study

Vera had her first sleep study last night. It was actually called off because we didn't go for a prior doctor's visit. But thankfully, we got it back on. After she fell asleep at about 8pm, it took the dexterious technologist about 1 and a half hours to hook her up with all the sensors - 8 on her head, some on her body and legs. The strip under her nose measures her exhalation from nose and mouth. Doesn't she look like something from a sci-fi movie? The little girl slept through it all, and when she woke the next morning at 8am, they were already all removed. Again, like in the movies, you're not supposed to remember what they did to you! hahaha...

On a more serious note, her O2 saturation dropped to the 60s for quite a stretch in the night. In 2 weeks' time, we will be able to know if she has Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea, or a combination of both. The sleep doctor will also recommend if she needs any Oxygen help via a mask when she sleeps.

They sell Oxygen shots at some clubs in Singapore. Maybe I'll get the chance to try at home!