26 January 2013


"Mama I love looking at the scenery!"
"Checking her out in the baby mirror"
Driving Vera to school is such a joy now. With her eyesight getting better, she now looks out the window at the moving scene more and smiles. This is a far cry from when she was younger. She'd fuss a lot, sometimes the whole way.

Throughout the journey, I check her out in the baby mirror, sometimes for longer than necessary, just taking in the joy of the ride together.

Kissing Sounds

Puckachu (as I call Vera) has been puckering her lips and making kissing sounds.

It's her newly learnt past-time.

Over the past year, we've noticed more mouth activity:

1) Sucking and chewing expertly on her index fingers

2) Puckering her lips into a 'siew mai'

3) Brushing her lips left and right on our faces

4) Wanting to bite our faces

5) Able to hold Ark Probe and insert it into her mouth and move it like a toothbrush

We stopped Feeding Therapy after it triggered an aspiration episode when she was much younger at about a year old.

Now, I get a sense that she is ready to pick up where we left off. But we'll definitely tread with caution this time. Who knows, the little porky may surprise us along the way!

It would be fantastic if she could one day enjoy the taste of food.

07 January 2013

Back To School 2013

Today was Vera's first day back at school. She met her new teacher and had hydrotherapy. We had an awesome session.

Although it's been 2 months since she has swam, she took to the water like a fish. She kicked more than before, and was calmed throughout the 1 hour session. 

Seeing her move her limbs so vigorously in water is such a joy for me. The water frees her to do her thing! Perhaps that's why she fusses so much at home. Because she wants to move around by herself but can't. 

I am so looking forward to the next session. And so glad I can be working part-time to enjoy it. 

01 January 2013

Flu Bug

It was all going well till after Boxing Day.

I was already counting the days down to being able to say 'No more falling sick episode for Vera in 2012!' when she falls sick.

Just one night of waking up to suction her and I was knocked out for 2 days after to recover. Really getting older! It's scary to think I won't have the energy to look after night owl Vera myself, when the need arises. For now, I am just thankful to have Beth to care for her.