17 April 2009

Patch Work

"What's this? Where did everybody go? Why is it so dark all of a sudden?"

We've starting patching Vera's good eye to make her bad eye work a little harder. So far, she's able to tolerate it for about half an hour, provided there's lots of entertainment. I don't know how much good it'll do though. There seems to be little reaction or movement from the bad eye. Only time will tell I guess.

Also, I was mistaken, Vera IS cross-eyed. Irises usually move either inwards or outwards when eyesight is poor.

The other issue is that Vera is far-sighted. Can you believe it? I thought that's something I would get when I get older. They thought she had Glaucoma at birth as well, but thankfully that's turned out to be untrue (you have to watch what medical professional tell you about what they "suspect" before tests are done...or else it can freak you out!)

As for her photosensitivity, she seems to not be as affected by bright lights as before. Maybe everything just takes time to improve.

So as of now at 13 months, Vera is still on saline drops that will help clear the haze (don't know if this is really effective but we just do it anyway) and anti-glaucoma drops called Timabak (prevents pressure from building up).

Far-sightedness, glaucoma prevention...sounds like a l'il old lady, doesn't she?