24 February 2013

Vera is 5 Video & Speech

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Dear family, friends and teachers,

Thank you for being here tonight to celebrate Vera’s 5th birthday with us.

I’d just like to say a few words before we sing the birthday song.

5 years ago, Vera’s arrival threw us into the special needs world.

Family members and friends were there for us.

While it was a world full of machines, medicines and mayhem, it was also a world filled with kindness.

Mothers pumped and offered Vera their breastmilk. Others helped us buy medical supplies.

At our lowest moments, mothers with Trisomy 18 children miles away in the US, became our pillars of support.

Yet more kindness came our way when Vera started school at Yishun Park Rainbow Centre.

Teachers and therapists engulfed children like Vera in a sea of love. Accepting their every flaw, celebrating their every step.

During frequent hospital stays, we became closely in touch with people who help people – surgeons, doctors and nurses – and saw the good work they do each day.

So on behalf of Vera, thank you all, for touching our lives in your own special way.


谢谢大家今晚能抽空出席燕琳的 5岁生日聚会。









而在燕琳住院治疗期间,我们也接触到那些协助他人的专职人士 - 外科大夫,其他医生和护士们,并体会了他们每一天为燕琳所作的努力和成效



22 February 2013

Vera is 5!

To all Vera's milk mummies, mummies who donated supplies, mummies who help us import supplies, Trisomy 18 families here and abroad who form our support network, teachers, therapists, surgeons, doctors and nurses who have helped Vera - THANK YOU!!!

Most of all, thank you to our families and friends for being there for us all the way. And to Beth for the headaches, backaches and countless nights of interrupted sleep and irregular hours that come with looking after a child like Vera. 

13 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

January flies by and Chinese New Year is upon us.

As my granny gets older, she is Ninety Three (gasp!), every year becomes a celebration of her still here with us. A living legacy.

Oh what joy fills her heart...bless my dear Granny.
"Red packets over here, thank you very much."
"Hmmm...let me see who's this guy?" 
"I think I'm getting the hang of the red carpet routine."
"This is my dear Mai mai...we go waayyy back, yeah"

A Darlie moment
This aunt helped looked after my bro and I when we were kids.
This aunt has just the thing to keep Daen sitting still - Youtube TV! 
Gong gong, Papa and Daen - don't they look alike? 
They can play all day...the chemistry is unmistakable. 
All together now.

Happy New Year from Vera and us to you and your family! May the Year of the Snake be a slithery smooth one for you : )