14 April 2009

Chin Up Part 2

Goal for 2009: Getting Vera's neck muscles to strengthen enough so she can hold her head up like this unassisted.

Since I've been home, tummy time has become a priority. Vera used to be able to hold this position for almost 45 seconds. Now, with the many bouts of illness and surgery, she's set back quite a bit and can only do this for about 5 seconds before her hands give way and her head droops down to the bed.

If her neck muscles do not strengthen, she'll not be able to support her head. Its weight will bear down on her spine and worsen her scoliosis. A misaligned spine can lead to lots of other problems, like interfere with breathing.

Here we help Vera by putting her on a bed that's already inclined about 20 degrees. It makes the herculean task a little easier for her. She's so tired out by the exercise she slept at 5pm!