24 November 2014

2014 Hearing Review

We brought Vera for her ENT appointment today.
The ENT doctor looked down her ear canals and remarked that lots of wax build up has occurred.
He believes that there is also fluid buildup in her inner ear. This can occur when the tube draining it is not functioning properly. Even if the fluid is surgically drained out, he suspects it will keep recurring. 
The two above reasons could affect the level of hearing in her good ear. We noticed that lately she has been digging her ears with her pointer finger, as if to clear some blockage.
The doc has ordered an ABR test in 2 weeks' time. Vera will have to be sedated with Chloral Hydrate for this test to be done. It will give us a definite answer as to what is happening in her good ear.
Our aim now is to preserve whatever hearing is in her good ear.

12 November 2014

EIPIC Graduation 2014

Today Vera graduated from the EIPIC programme at Rainbow Centre. 

She has come a long way since the early days, she started early intervention at 1 year old. 

Back then, she hated swimming. 

Now, she loves the water. 

In the past, she'd stare perplexed at what we were trying to do in music therapy

Now, she totally enjoys music and participates so much more.

Over the years, she started to enjoy going to school

There was no longer any crankiness. 

She was blessed with teachers who really want her to experience the world

We are happy to be part of the loving community that is Rainbow Centre. It's a truly special place with special teachers!

04 November 2014

Graduating Friends

Vera loves school and her friends. 

The only time she can freely touch them is when they are lying down.

With long-time friend Xing Ying
Xing Ying and her have been classmates since they were 1 year plus. How time has flown by.
They are now graduating from the EIPIC programme this year.
We will miss the EIPIC teachers, who are a really special breed - they are so dedicated in this work.
Next week, Vera will be having her graduation ceremony and we are performing an item as a class.
Stay tuned!