29 September 2014

One Shoe Size Up

Slowly but surely, Vera is growing.

She's now a US9.

Ever since her Orthotist recommended New Balance to us, getting shoes to fit her AFOs is now a breeze.

Too tight? I simply buy the next size up, without having to bring Vera to the shop.

The insoles are easily removable, and the base is broad enough to fit the AFO.

Plus there is a discount with my Passion card. Next up, getting some knee gaitors to help straighten her knees when she practises standing.

25 September 2014

A Pacer Gait Trainer for Vera

Learning to walk isn't one of my expectations for Vera.

She doesn't stand very well for a start. Her hamstrings and heels are very tight, and she has rocker bottom feet.

But what if we are aiming too low for Vera and not pushing her to work harder, thinking that it is beyond her?

Therapy is hard work to keep up. At 16kg, Vera quite a weight to support, if she buckles at the knees in a pacer gait trainer.

Which is why we need one with a good harness support. One where she can sit in when she tires, and try again to take a few steps when she's up for it. Safer for Vera, easier for us.

Now that we've got her seating sorted for a long time to come with the Rifton Activity Chair which has worked beautifully for her posture, we are now looking into getting her a Pacer Gait Trainer, the Grillo.

At S$3250, it is not something we can backtrack on and return if Vera rejects it. It is a long-term commitment on our part too, to put in the extra effort to be her regular "trainer". At the end of a long day, it's much easier to give her hugs and kisses than strap her up with all her protests.

The road to self-mobility for Vera is long, or may never materialise, but we cannot say we did not try.

22 September 2014

The Light Was Just Right

The light was just right for a lovely shot with Daddy at Punggol Point.