23 February 2015

Vera is 7

Vera has turned Seven. We had a small family gathering after all the big celebrations during the Chinese New Year.

This year, Daen gets into the swing of the preparation with vigour. 

Early start for Daen to go and get flowers for Vera. 
He decided on the gifts that he was going to get her - "one orchid and one tulip" and the card that he was going to make. (He ends up drawing three.)

He takes his role as host very seriously - getting guests to make wishing cards, starting the keyboard accompaniment for the birthday song, and finally helping Vera to cut the cake. 

When I told him it was the role of the birthday child to give out the cake to the guests (not to cut the cake which he adamantly wanted to) he said, "But Chea Chea can't walk" so he promptly went about giving out the cake. 

Everytime I see Daen caring for Vera, at this young age, I know I'm looking at something so pure and beautiful that nothing in this world can replace. 

Getting into art and craft mode for the deco

Cousins to help blow the candles

Old mama (my grandma) makes her smile

With Gong Gong

19 February 2015

Lunar New Year 2015

Vera recovered in time for this year's celebration and she turns 7 during this Lunar New Year period so look out for the next post!

Vera wishing all Best of Health & a Happy for Lunar New Year!

16 February 2015

My Little Helper

My Little Helper
Daen has been wanting to learn how to tube feed Vera. On a day when my helper was not around, he jumped at the chance. 

Pouring, locking, holding...with more practice, hopefully we'll have him doing it like a pro!

Home Cheer

Finally got down to open Christmas presents. This one from Home Cheer was very meaningful – a set of scrapbooking stuff to make a book of beautiful memories with Vera. It was a good reminder to me that while we busy with the everyday, we need to take time to document our moments. Now to find time to sit down and piece it together!