15 November 2013

Prone Princess

Stretchable cotton tube to cover Button from rubbing when prone 
Tube makes her look slimmer too!
Ever since Chubby got into kicking while prone, she's slimmed down a little. All that movement is so good for her. She can kick quite vigorously, so we put a tube over the button to reduce rubbing.

Prone time has increased too. She can stay like this for about 10 minutes. How far we have come.  

Her Ballet Flats

Feet Support for standing
 It's been almost a year since Vera's last Orthotic appointment. The pediatric orthotist was happy that the straps were well-worn and fraying, suggesting frequent use. She fixed new straps and also some toe wedges which prevent crimping.

The school holidays are when I sort out all of Vera's medical issues - free from the hectic schedule of bringing her to school.

End of November, she'll soon have her 3rd sleep study. Kids normally do one once a year, for Vera, it's been a year and a half already.

Start of December, she'll also go for her second dental check up ever. Yup, she's turning 6 and has only been to the dentist once. Teeth are terribly plagued with plaque.

Fingers crossed she stays well for all the procedures.

Same Size

Vera is coming to 6, Daen is coming to 4. Two years apart, but they are the same length.

After this point, Daen will surpass his sister and physically become "bigger" brother.

I hope one day he will treasure this picture of how they were like twins once.