09 December 2014

Early Xmas Present

I couldn't wait till Christmas to give Vera her present.

07 December 2014

Little Leona Goes For Surgery

This is Leona, another Singaporean baby born with full Trisomy 18.

She is now 2 plus.

From birth, she has shown the strongest of spirits, modeled after her very positive parents.

I believe these children can feel the life energy of those who want them to be here.

Leona has come out of a PEG surgery wonderfully, with easy intubation and extubation.

Now with a tummy feeding port, she can enjoy the freedom of having nothing through her nostril. I believe this would pave the way to greater improvement in feeding therapy, without any regurgitation.

I remember after Vera had this surgery, she became much more comfortable, and thus less cranky. Vomiting became a thing of the past.

It is as much a life improvement for the child as it is for the parents. Grow grow grow now, Leona!

Still Choking

It is 2 weeks since Vera fell sick.

She is getting better, but the year end cold weather is not helping to speed things up.

The choking continues, even in her sleep. Secretions, while still apparent, have subsided.

We hope for her to be well in the next two weeks.

01 December 2014

Year End Illness 2014

And I was counting the days to December, whereby Vera would have broken her record of not being sick for 1 whole year.

Too bad, she is down with an URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), also known as a flu. There is fever, but low grade, which is a sign to me that it's not a serious one. If serious, the fever will spike to above 39 deg C in the first day. If we are lucky, this bout will clear in 2 weeks.

Her record so far:-

1-3 years old: 3 times fall sick per year, with hospitalisation.

4-5 years old: 2 times fall sick per year, sometimes manage at home with suctioning

6 years old: 1 time fall sick, so far managing at home

Well, at least the trend is positive so far!

I just hope she recovers in time for Christmas.