22 February 2012

A Simple Celebration

Thank you all who care most about Vera.

Thank you all for cheering her on as she grows, in person or through this blog. Your support, online and offline, are much appreciated.

This Tri-er is Four!

Slept well, all smiles ready for school on her birthday.

One of Vera's pet past-times, making a 'siew mai' with her lips.

She tires by the time it comes to cake cutting.

Hooray! We're not in hospital!

21 February 2012

A Problem With Her Foot

I brought Vera to see the Orthopaedic surgeon today. My concern: A feeling that her spine was getting increasingly curved, and that the bone in her left foot was increasingly protruding.

To my dismay, the surgeon believes that it is caused by us doing too vigorous stretching of Vera's foot. Due to the extreme tightness of the muscles above her heel (where my right thumb is), we may have inadvertently cause the bottom joints to "break" and weaken when we force the foot to stretch upwards.

The surgeon thinks that surgery might be needed to lengthen the muscles just above the heel. He also did a check on her back and confirmed my suspicions: her spine's curvature has increased. By how much, we shall only know in 3 months' time (end of May 2012), when she's scheduled for an X-ray (spine and foot).

18 February 2012

Special Needs Moms

Another heartfelt gem found on the online Trisomy circle.

16 February 2012

Weight Loss

I lost 3 kilograms in a span of 2 maidless weeks.

The tummy's tucked in. The trousers are loose. The collarbones jut out more.

Just by looking after Vera.

It was extremely draining, but well worth it. I never thought I'd be able to lose the pregnancy paunch after so long, even a bit of it, ever. Not without an exercise regime. And now Viola!, I'm an 'after' picture!

The babies that make you gain weight, eventually help you lose it.

Life works in wonderous ways.

06 February 2012


Vera responds to Italian. Not English, not Mandarin. Italian.

Smiles guaranteed. And even some laughter!

05 February 2012

Birthday Button

Vera's prezzie from mommy: A new Mickey button.

Nice and white, compared to the mouldy old one which has started to leak and give off a smell.

Changing it was so easy I did it myself. I just deflated the balloon, lifted it out, put in the new one and inflated the balloon.

This Mickey has lasted us almost a year. Considering the daily usage, this is a good lifespan.

The inflatable balloon that keeps the button from popping out of the tummy.

02 February 2012


We are maidless for 15 days as our helper is on home leave to the Philippines.

Any parent will tell you that being maidless after you've come to depend on them 24/7 is no joke.

I struggle to meet the feeding schedule I myself set for Vera. Ending up missing feeds and having her wake up at night thirsty/hungry.

I would be first to confess that I am not as good as my helper. Meaning that I cannot handle the same amount of chores + cooking + looking after Vera & Daen + not sleeping at night - as her and still function. Even with Ian's help.

So by Day 3, I called in the reinforcements.

My mom, my aunt, my grandma, my sis-in-law.

Thank god I have reinforcements.