26 August 2011


Vera's school has beautiful wall murals, and she got to see them up close today. There was no swimming due to rain, so she went onto the stander and I wheeled her on a tour around the school.

The last time we borrowed it home, she could stand in it for 10 minutes. Today she could tolerate 20 minutes!

She is most definitely improving.

17 August 2011

Heartening News

Vera had a cardio appointment today.

Her last echocardiogram was when she was one and a half.

Now that she's 2 and a half, I thought it would be good to get a yearly update.

No new news - which is good news. There seems to be at least two ASD, but they are very small, about 2-3mm. Dr T explained that intervention is only considered if holes are like 10mm.

Vera's are not causing any problems at this point.

There is increased heart beat pressure, but to be expected because she is a biPAP patient.

We go back to the hospital in 2 days' time for her GI appointment.

15 August 2011

Interacting More

As Daen grows, he's starting to interact more with Vera. He looks forward to seeing her in the morning, and looks for her when he comes home.

He observes what we do with Vera, and tries to do the same.

He can even mimic her head-shaking. I am so proud of my 'twins'.

05 August 2011

A Good Swim

Of all the school days, Fridays are my favourite.

It's when Vera has Hydrotherapy.

I get to dip in the heated pool with her, run her through her exercises and feel her kicking.

There is none of the initial tensing up. She is relaxed and co-operative, and I feel we're dancing in water.

She used to fuss after 20 minutes. Now, she can last up to an hour.

Unfortunately I'm in the pool, so I couldn't take any pictures!

03 August 2011

School Seating

I'm happy that we've got Vera's seating sorted out in school as well.

This chair is bigger than the Rifton toddler chair. The best thing about it is the big slide-in table, which does not have any slots so it stops wherever to avoid her PEG. And because it is heavy, Vera can't shift it.

So I feed her in her pram and then she goes into this chair for activity.

Our National Day is coming up, so Vera learns how to make the flag.

We are having more good days in school now, and I hope the falling sick dry spell continues. I enjoy bringing her to school so much.