27 December 2015

A Special Sibling

What does a parent hope for of the sibling of their child with special needs? 

That when they grow up, they'll care for their sibling, just like you have. 

Which is why we make it a point for Daen to learn to take care of Vera. He's learnt to tube feed and push her in her pram. 

Today I heard him reading to her.

What's the trick? Well, I give him more love. Then tell him to pass it on to Vera. It works.

RDSS Xmas Party

This is the first year we attended the RDSS (Rare Disorders Society Singapore) Christmas party. Vera is a beneficiary.

I sat at the same table as another blogger mum - Mary - who is similarly raising awareness of her daughter's condition, Trisomy 21, or more commonly known as Down's Syndrome, via her blog Simply Lambchops.

Her daughter K is a real sweetie.

Vera stayed awake throughout the event (her usual naptime is 12-2pm) and was exceptionally cheery and engaged. She really seemed to be enjoying herself, with no fussing at all.

She was by my side as well as I sang "Christmas is Christmas", a song that I wrote. 

Here are the words of the Chorus:

"Christmas is Christmas
cos you're by my side
Seeing you glowing I light up inside
You've given me more than I've ever received
I'll keep this Christmas as long as I live."

Who would have thought my little Vera (well, not so little now) would live to accompany me on stage, bringing new meaning to a song written before she was born.