07 August 2012


Vera has perfected the art of clapping and she knows it.

In fact, she's so obsessed with her ability to clap continuously, she's been embarking on clapping marathons.

This video is 30 seconds, but she must have clapped for 5 minutes non-stop. As if she's giving an encore.

But if you ask me, she's the one that deserves an encore.

It is nearly 1am now and she is still persistently clapping. The things this little girl can do!

01 August 2012

I Can Move It!

Years of massaging her clenched fists have paid off. A year or so ago, her hands started opening fully. Now, her index and thumb actively work to activate a simple toy like the above.

What does this tell us? That her brain is talking to her fingers. She can control them!

The dots are connecting. You can imagine how proud we are of how far she's come.