21 April 2009

Button Care Part 2

I've been preparing myself for a future of cleaning reddish, oft-bleeding stoma but now there is hope. A friend of mine showed me her little girl's button site. Check this out: NO GRANULATION! The abdominal skin has completely closed around the button, such that no new granulation tissue is able to form out of the area. Now, if your child is g-tube fed, you will as impressed as I am about this.

The trick is to make sure the layer of gauze between the button and the skin is thick as shown. This fills up the space and keeps the button from moving too much when baby moves. This can cause it to rub against the raw area and thus doesn't give the skin a chance to heal and close in around the button. Lots of antacid powder around the site also helps to neutralize any milk leakage.

I'm trying it out on Vera right now. Let's see if there will be the same magical effect!