22 December 2012

New Balance

Finally Vera gets her new customised AFOs and shoes to fit them. She has outgrown her bendable first pair and refused to stand in them.

So far, she seems happier in these. They are hard plastic and gives her the extra support she needs now.

I'm happy she's able to practise standing again!

17 December 2012

She Learns to Hug Us

2012 is the year Vera learned to hug us. She is coming to 5.

And it is such an incredible feeling.

Imagine this: You are carrying her, and she locks her arms behind your neck, and pulls you towards her face and smiles. Repeatedly. She can even give you a tight squeeze. With arms still locked, she rubs her chin fervently against your face in glee.

"Don't let me go" she says without words
I think she has learnt that hugging keeps us by her side for longer. And that it helps her to have something to hang on to for balance.

For us, a moment worth a thousand words
With a special child, the joys are usually simple ones. And perhaps these are the ones that truly matter.

02 December 2012

Vera Pulls Up To Sitting

Last year, she pulled up to sitting with 2 hands. Now, she can do it with one hand.

She enjoys it. We are so proud of her.

She can also sit "W" willingly. This is recommended by her school PT as it is good to counter her curved spine.

Meanwhile, there's a flu bug going round and both caregivers (my mom and helper) are down and out, which means busy busy Ian and I. But just looking at the picture below, it's totally worth it.

My two reindeers