25 May 2013

Resting Her Gut

Thanks for giving my bum a rest!
24-05-13 IV plug on Right Leg after 3 attempts
Twelve days after the diarrhoea didn't show signs of improving (in fact, it actually got worse with bad distension), we warded Vera. We knew that the only way to break the cycle was to rest her tummy, which requires putting her on an IV drip. What a relief for her and for us. Finally a reprieve from the pressure to keep her hydrated and the non-stop diaper-changing.

One-on-one time with Vera as Mummy does
the day shift and Daddy the night shift
Caregiver Beth caught the tummy flu (possibly from clearing so many days of infected poop) and had to rest. So Mummy and Daddy took turns at the hospital. It was a good change of scene, to be able to spend the day in bed with Vera, doing nothing but hug her. (Thank you IV drip!)

23 May 2013

Road to Recovery

Both Daen and Vera are on the road to recovery.

It's always a relief to know they've turned the corner. That means days of normalcy are up ahead. (And I can get some life back - meaning kids go to school, I go to work or get some me-time at Starbucks)

We've put Vera on Chinese medication for her phlegm. For many of us, when Western meds fail, in this case to get rid of the phlegm, we turn to TCM for help. It's Vera's first time taking Chinese meds, so we'll see how she responds.

Meanwhile, the porky has resumed her favourite pasttime - sliding backwards on her tummy to feel the cool floor.


19 May 2013

Double Whammy May

I spoke too soon (again) about Daen and Vera getting well.

The next moment everything changed.

Weak and pale from the vomiting
Daen -
First 2 weeks of May: Viral Flu, runny nose and cough for 3 weeks
Now: Stomach Flu, vomiting 8 times on Day 2, now can only take liquid. Six months ago when he had his first bout of Gastroenteritis, he had to be warded on a drip. Luckily, this time he seems to be able to ride it through at home.

Eyebag beauty...from multiple nights of choking during sleep
Vera -
First 2 weeks of May: Viral Flu (likely caught from Daen)
Now: Viral Flu 2nd round, plus likely Gastroenteritis (likely caught from Daen as well) with severe, unstoppable diarrhea. Her bum is red and raw.

Two kids. Double the joy, double the work, double the pain as well.

Ian is sick already. I am burning out. Last (wo)man standing is our caregiver.

Please let the air clear in April.

12 May 2013

Pulau Ubin

We brought Daen on a boat to Pulau Ubin. It was his first time on a boat. Hopefully he inherits our love for the sea.

After months of talking about the ride, he finally got to.....

His first taste of the coconut juice too!

Together Again

Everyone's better and quarantine is over. Hurray!

03 May 2013

Getting Better

Eye bags on Vera (and caregiver Beth) from two sleepless nights
Day 3 and Vera is better. From experience, if fever reaches over 39 deg C in the first few days, we start her on antibiotics straightaway. It can prevent it from developing into something bigger. If fever is low grade throughout, we do without antibiotics. 

Daen's cough is getting worse though. 

Thank you for the good thoughts, we hope the nasty bugs stay away for everyone!

01 May 2013

Labour Day, Literally

Labour Day...and we've got our work cut out for us.

Vera is sick. Fever last at 40 degrees C. She's having the chills. The greenish goo is unstoppable.

Daen had been sickish for the last two weeks with a persistent runny nose. I thought it was Allergic Rhinitis because he wasn't exactly sick. I let my guard down, thinking Vera was stronger now, and wouldn't catch it.

Anyway, it is inevitable. Kid A gets a bug from school, comes home and passes it to Kid B.

In the wee hours of the morning, I fumble to set up the works: Oxygen machine, Nebuliser, suction machine. The suction cycle begins again, every 3-4 hourly in the first few days. Beth and I know the drill - our well-worn hands have memorised it. Except that now, Vera has grown stronger and holding her down is increasingly difficult.

Let's hope she takes a turn for the better tomorrow, else it's to the hospital we go.