22 January 2014

She Prefers Mummy

Can this T18 girl recognise her loved ones? More than that. She shows her preference clearly.

When Mummy appears on her radar, Daddy is immediately forgotten.

She can't speak, but she expresses through her vocalisations. I can now differentiate the sounds for "Come to me" and "Finally, you're here". Her beckoning, her joy, her fierce hugs, are priceless.

Kick & Clap

This is how she shows you she's super happy to see you and have you carry her.

19 January 2014

Green Getaway

Ian and I took a one-day kid break. I wanted to check out Singapore's green belt, the Southern Ridges. In this built-up city of ours, green is hard to come by. We were lucky to get a room with a view of Mount Faber, with Orioles flitting past our window in the morning. It's nice to get away once in a while.

She Watches Him

Vera is keenly aware of her brother now. He's grown in size for one, and it's hard to ignore the chatterbox.

He's grown quite fond of her as well. He'll sing her her favourite songs when she fusses. And can push her in the pram quite well now.

I ask him to hug Vera, and he does so with his 'dinosaur claws'.

Me and My Daddy

Ian is a family man. He rushes home after work to the kids. He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't shop, and has no need like me to "have a holiday". Being with the kids is enough for him.

01 January 2014

Christmas Fun

Musical toys always work for Vera - mummy buys her something to train her finger holding.
We bring my Grandma over to enjoy time with Vera.

December School Holidays 2013

The school holidays started in mid-November for Vera and Daen. 

We put her in the stander for the first two weeks of the holidays. 

Daen thinks this is a train.
Then she fell sick and the whole month of December she was unwell. 

First came a week of stomach flu with Diarrhea, followed by a viral infection for two weeks, triggered by her 2nd dental checkup. The dentist brushed her teeth, while she was lying face up. She possibly swallowed some dislodged plaque. This is not new to us. The same thing happened after her first dental visit 3 years ago.

Then a strange tummy crunching, arching and pain started that has lasted till now. 

We hope to see the doctor in 2 days' time for some answers. It could likely be that her reflux is back - we had stopped medication in March 2013. 

Vera's Room

She's coming to 6, and will soon need a longer bed,
perhaps one with remote adjustable heights and angles like in the hospital. 
Daen climbs into his Sister's bed for fun.
Her BiPAP stuff are in a trolley tied to the bed, so it will never topple.
Daen calls it "chea chea's vacuum cleaner". 
There's lots of stuff to keep organised.
Top shelf: Suction machine, music player for Vera
Table top: Hair dryer for drying her mask, diapers, clothes, medical supplies, and washing up basin.

Good News on Daen's Arthritis

In August 2012, Daen was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), an auto-immune condition whereby an overactive immune system mistakenly attacks its own body. It was in both his ankles, and one swelled more than the other. 

In November 2012, we began a long-term course of treatment on Methotrexate (MTX) to counter it. It would suppress his immune system and thus hopefully reduce the swelling.

If he responded well to it, the swelling would subside in 6 months. If he didn't, we would have to move on to stronger alternative drugs. 

Thankfully, his body did respond to the MTX. 

In April 2013, the swelling had subsided. It has stayed away and this December 2013, his Rheumatologist reduced the dosage by half. 

So after almost 15 months of bringing Daen to hospital once every week for injections, we are now down to once every fortnightly. 

I would count this as our biggest blessing in 2013. Fingers crossed that in a few months time, we would be off the MTX altogether. 

He runs around like any other kid now. But I am fully aware how much worse we could have had the JIA. Some kids become wheelchair bound. 

There is no saying the JIA will not return in future once he's off the MTX. There are kids who are on injections for life. Well, for now, it's all good, and we'll be thankful we got the long end of the stick for JIA.

Catch me if you can!
"Dip dip bread" - He loves his bread dipped in soup.
He's crazy about dinosaurs, and we're in luck, because dino madness seems to have
hit Singapore with the opening of our first Dino museum in 2014. 

"I'm happy everyone is here" he declares - outing to the Science Center
with Bor Bor, Mai Mai, Javen and Savian.