21 March 2013

Her Old Toy is Back

5-year-old Vera is pretty happy that Her Friendly Ark Probe is back after a long haitus.

She licks it with relish. Perhaps a lollipop would be a good idea?

19 March 2013

Iron Hug

Since Vera turned 5 last month, she has been into hugging with a vengeance.

Her grip is tenacious. It's almost a strangle, and we have to pry her hands apart with some force.

To think Vera has lived to this day to give me the longest, tightest hugs I've ever gotten in my life. She won't ever learn to speak, but she sure has learnt to love.

And it is pure and simple every time.

10 March 2013

Vera is 5 Birthday Photos

Here are some photos of Vera's birthday party. They were taken by Norman Ng, a professional photographer - www.normanng.com

Mai Mai lends her party hands to bring the garden theme to life.

Vera starts hugging everyone who comes near.

Yummy Strawberry Mille Feuille cake from Glace
and melt-in-the-mouth cupcakes by Auntie Jackie.
"Can I eat this?"

04 March 2013

Daen Starts Pre-School

Today was Daen's first day at a kindy.

He was previously at a full-day childcare till we took him out to minimise illness which would worsen his arthritis.

This time, it's just 2 hours a day. Hopefully, this would strike a balance between infection and giving him a bit of mental stimulation and build his socializing skills with peers.

The school is nestled in forest, with classrooms having a view of casuarina trees, boats and the sea. I wish it were my pre-school!