08 March 2014

Pushing Herself To Sitting

At school, the Physiotherapist has been practising this with Vera often - teaching her to use her hands to bear weight and help herself up into a sitting position.

She refused to do this for many years - and now finally, perhaps as she gains strength in her arms, she is getting the hang of it. Despite all her challenges, she tries so hard, and that's what I love about her.

07 March 2014

Myoclonic Jerks Return

In September 2012, Vera had fits presenting in the form of Myoclonic jerks for the first time. They went away after she was started on Epilim.

Less than 2 years later, they are back again.

Again she stares at nothing with a stunned look. This time, the pattern is non-stop clapping interspersed with the jerks. (0:05 and 0:33) She goes into 'The Mode' once she is left alone.

We should have increased her Epilim dosage as she grew but we didn't. Lesson learnt.

Now let's hope that we can move up quickly to a dosage that will put this under control and I can have Vera back to her normal self.

05 March 2014

Gift from a Reader

We received a gift for Vera from a reader of our blog.

Thank you Shermaine for the thoughtful gift - it is perfect for keeping her occupied while in her chair, and it fits nicely on the tray.

We have been lazy to work on her gross motor skills, so this is a good reminder. Will post again when Vera masters the toy - I hope one day she will!

Birthday present from Auntie Shermaine
Vera can sit by herself now.
"Hmmm...this looks tougher than my piano toy!"

04 March 2014

She Needs A Proper Chair

Vera needs proper seating with lateral supports to correct her S-curve Scoliosis. 

Currently, she is still sitting in this Canetons chair. She slants, slouches and slides in it. Not good.

This Rifton Activity Chair R850 was hiding in the corner of the classroom unused for weeks until mummy took the initiative to try Vera out on it. I'm happy to see her sitting snug and much more in midline. She also did not fuss as much while doing art and craft in it. 

Thumbs up for the Rifton Activity Chair...now to work out how to order one for her for home.

Your belated Birthday present coming soon Vera!