31 January 2015

Windy Day at the Beach

Vera has recovered and we could finally bring her outdoors. We bought a whole chicken, whipped some potato and boiled some broccoli and headed to Pasir Ris beach. 

This was the spot Ian proposed to me 10 years' ago. Today, we return with 2 kids in tow. 

December to January is continuously windy at this beach. You have to hold down your cups and plates. It was a refreshing change from our hospital "rounds" the week before. 

Vera is well, and life is good again.

23 January 2015

Getting Better

15 days after the chest infection started, it seems she is on the mend. No more crying although the eye bags are still evident.
We hope to be home tomorrow.

21 January 2015

In Deep Slumber

Maybe it's the hospital air. Or the hospital bed. Or the thick blanket or aircon.
The extremely exhausted girl finally gets the sleep she needs to recover. She's slept for a straight 15 hours already.
Hopefully sleep will work it's magic.
I am again reminded how easily she can catch a bug. We just went to school for one day and she was next to another child who was coughing away.
Parents, please keep sick children out of school - spread to classmates, spread to teacher.
Also teachers good practice to sanitise hands after touching kids who are unwell. Or place them away from other kids.
Sigh. December Infection. January Infection. February...

19 January 2015

Still Not Well

Vera fell sick on 9 Jan. That was 10 days ago. She is still not well. In fact, she so clogged up secretions the past few days that she could hardly get any sleep. She has been crying once we put on the mask, because the air pushes the secretions back in doesn't help.

Seeing her crying stresses me out. Because the happy girl hardly cries.

She usually takes 2-3 weeks to get well from a bout of flu. We still don't know which way this one is gonna go. Part of the reason is because I made the call to hold off antibiotics. She gets very bad diarrhoea from oral antibiotics and that's something I don't wanna deal with. It basically clears her gut out.

If her fever comes back with a vengeance, we may consider going to hospital for IV antibiotics. That doesn't give her diarrhoea cos it goes straight into the bloodstream.

14 January 2015

New Year, Nasty Bug

Barely a week into the new year and Vera is down with a bad chest infection.
She went to school for a day, and was down the next day.
The chest infection in December was mild, and she got through it in 2 weeks.
This one however came fast and furious, with thick green gunk flowing freely on the first day, accompanied by a high fever.
Nurse from Starpals came, and we managed to get some Klacid for her. She can't be on Augmentin as that leads to very bad diarrhoea.
Alas, Klacid is also giving her very bad diarrhoea.
It is so bad that I doubt her gut can make it through another 6 days to finish the course.
I am stopping the Klacid. We will keep suctioning till it passes.
Fingers crossed she can fight this on her own. Else it will be admission to the hospital, set a plug for IV antibiotics, which won't cause diarrhoea.

02 January 2015

Rise and Shine to 2015

Start of the new year.
If there was one great achievement, it would be in Vera's sleeping routine.
After years of having her sleeping at 2am and waking at 10am, we finally managed to shift it to saner hours.
She now sleeps about 1130 and wakes around 830.
In time to send Daen to school.
I can let her sunbathe in the park before going to work.
Let's hope morning Vera is here to stay!