17 April 2009

Having A Ball

Put her on the ground and she struggles to lift her head. Put her on a ball and she does it with ease. Vera has a great session with her physio teacher in school yesterday. Mommy and grandma learnt a lot too:
1) We must pick Vera up by turning her to her right side first. This will prevent her head from constantly arching backwards;
2) Let Vera sit on one lap with feet touching the ground, to get her used to the idea of feet on the floor;
3) Let Vera practise head-raising on a firm gym mat, instead of the bed which is too soft;
4) How to help her get from lying down to sitting position;

5) Pelvic raise - Lifting her hips off the ground
6) How to use the exercise ball - rolling her back and forth slowly, facing downwards and upwards;
7) Stretching - not to force the stretch when she resists, but wait a while, then continue when she relaxes

I love it that Vera has such a gentle, dedicated and effective physiotherapist at school. This is far from the crying sessions at the hospital rehab. They'd force the stretch and basically made Vera very unhappy.

At Rainbow Centre, Vera will get help from an Occupational Therapist (improve her seating) and Speech Therapist (improve her feeding) as well. I'm so thankful we managed to get her into the programme without too much of a wait. It's a great environment for her to be in, to experience new sights, new sounds and new people. And now I can be there with her!