26 November 2010

Pre-natal Ultrasounds

I read a blog link that Lily's mom posted to share and it broke my heart.

It is about a Trisomy 18 baby named Jedidiah who has recently passed away.

You can read the struggles of his parents at http://trisomyjourney.blogspot.com/2010/11/medical-mindset-you-are-your-childs.html

It always brings me to think back on the double edge sword of pre-natal ultrasounds, the cornerstone of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Is "knowing" always good? Does "knowing" help parents who have a poor prenatal diagnosis, or work against them? Does "knowing" help doctors prepare to save the baby or prepare not to?

In the old days, people just popped their babies out on the day itself, not even knowing the sex beforehand. Babies had the "protection" of anonymity till they arrived in the flesh. No one, could make any comment or judgement on them till they made their presence felt.

I'm thinking, how did we get to this day and age of always "wanting to know the future"?

If ultrasounds had showed up Vera's Trisomy 18 early in the pregnancy...she would not be here today. That is a fact. We would most likely have been strongly encouraged to abort her. And we most likely would have.

We've been conditioned by modern medicine to think the world of pre-natal ultrasounds.

Sometimes even when we think we know, we don't. Medicine doesn't always have all the answers.

Some things are good just knowing in our hearts.