01 November 2010

Out of OT

Just to say that Vera is out of the OT and has been transferred to the PICU.

The team experienced some difficulty in intubating her. This is not surprising, as the team at KK Hospital reported the same during her PEG/fundoplication op at 13 months.

The surgeon decided not to go ahead with the re-fundoplication, and to proceed with just the adenoid and tonsils removal.

We had hoped to have both done so as to save her yet another round of needle-poking. Well, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise, as we were not too keen to have open surgery on her tummy for the re-fundo.

(With her tummy untouched, it means she can get onto the stander sooner yey!)

The team will reassess her reflux again down the road and then decide then on whether a fundo is really required. Perhaps with more tests done.

I am so looking forward to her breathing improving once she recovers.