20 November 2010

Silence is Golden

It's been 14 days since Vera's discharge from her adenoids and tonsils removal surgery.

After the 9th day, the secretions that seemed endless suddenly stopped.

Since then, we've observed a clear difference (literally) to her breathing.

It's quiet. Okay, some stuffy sounds on and off, but generally quiet.

We've lived with Vera's noisy breathing for so long, the silence is so refreshing.

It is a far cry from the Vera just prior to the surgery - writhing, fussing, arching, tiring easily - because she just couldn't breathe with the adenoids blocking nearly 90% of her airway.

Oh how grateful I am to the doctor who did this for her! You've given her a new lease of life.

How long will the silence last? We don't know.

Will her reflux (supposedly severe) cause the adenoids to swell back? Don't know.

But we're not wasting any time. We're getting our newly energised pumpkin onto the stander pronto!