10 December 2010

No Time For Vera

I haven't been posting because there's little time for it nowadays.

With a tot that's just found his feet, wanting to get out and see the world and me navigating the whole business of weaning, I find myself having little time for Vera.

Their schedules don't match either, which doesn't help. I have to match Daen's sleep/wake routine to keep up with him.

Beth, Vera's caregiver matches her routine to keep up with night wakings.

Some days, I only spend an hour actively with Vera, even though I'm at home.

Vera used to get loads of therapy time when I was pregnant. Now, it's only when Daen is asleep and she is not tired, feeding or after a feed. So when the timings and moods allow, we're out the door with the stander in double quick time! Vera loves going out on the stander by the way.

Now, Vera spends more time by herself in her reflux bed, just listening to music. While Beth busies with the chores and I'm with Daen. One of the reasons she's grown fatty!

The other reasons:

1) Overdose of phlegm-dissolver Fluimucil (oh did you know it's unbelievably sweet?) We've cut back on it since.

2) Night feeds - we use them to settle her cos it works. We've cut back on this as well.

Hopefully, we get a trimmer Vera in a few months time. Now we can call her by her old nickname - Porky Vera : )