14 November 2010

Vera's Teacher Visits

Vera gets a visit from her school teacher, Siti, during her recovery post-op.

She is so lucky to be in Rainbow Centre, a special school that where the teachers are passionate and committed to helping special children like her.

When I first brought Vera to school when she was 12 months old, I found it was just as therapeutic for us as for her.

Bringing Vera to school made me feel that she was ACCEPTED, more than that, that she was LOVED wholeheartedly.

Here, I felt more 'normal', that there were other families in the same shoes, struggling like I was, coping like I was. And that there were people just as keen to help Vera as I was. Suddenly, her problems seemed shared. And anything shared is always good. Joy especially.

Which is why I still bring her to school instead of let her go by schoolbus with her caregiver Beth. And because I can't leave Daen at home, he tags along too and soaks in all the positivity.

A special school indeed don't you think?