22 November 2010

To The Mall

I suddenly had the drive to take both kids out to the mall.

I've been unwell for so long and with surgery and weaning there just wasn't much "outing time".

Nearly 8 months old... after his 1st hair-cut

3 years old in 3 months' time!

We had lunch at KFC. It was Vera's first time visiting The Colonel, and she marked the occasion with a "big job" there and then. So did Daen.

We had poop smeared all over - their clothes, our clothes, carrier, pram.

It was quite an experience.

But it's a good thing we got out - Vera and Daen need the stimulation. It just happened that their feedings coincided and we went on the spur of the moment.

Thank goodness we did the "Finger Lickin' Good" BEFORE we had to clear the poop!