15 July 2008

Tube Insertion 101

Vera hates this. And we hate to do it.

Everytime we touch her chin, she knows what's coming. She uses her hands to fight it off and starts wailing.

She chokes as the tube goes down her throat. It's painful to watch, but it's something that has to be done. So we do it.

You'd think it's over once the tube is nicely in place. Wrong.

Vera keeps pushing the tube with her tongue and it gets wet with saliva.

The tape comes loose, the tube shifts to the side of her tongue, tickles her throat and she throws up.

Clean up milky mess. Change her clothes. Change the sheets. Change the tape (which irritates her throat again).

New tape gets wet with saliva. And the whole process repeats itself.

What's the alternative? Putting a button in her tummy or, training her slowly to swallow. It may be a long shot, but hey, I know of one mother who has succeeded in getting her T18 infant to take milk by mouth after 6 months on the tube.

There is hope yet.

We may know what Vera cannot do now. But you never know what she can .