11 July 2008

Little by Little

When Vera is sleeping, feeding her gives me lots of time to stare at the milk going down.

And there's so much you can learn from the exercise.

Like the fact that when you're in no particular hurry to have it go down (because she's sleeping), and don't pay attention, it goes down really fast!

But when she's fussing and you're desperate for it to disappear so you can put an end to her misery (and yours), you can stare all you want and it seems to take forever to move down a notch.

It's a lot like life, isn't it? The more badly you want something, the more you focus on it, the more it doesn't seem to move in the way you want. Let it go, forget about it, do something else, and when you come back, chances are, things are going the way you want.

Also, when I'm tired, the milk is akin to my patience level: Going down. But when Vera is sweetly sleeping like an angel, I look at it and see it as time with her, slowly running out.

At other times, I see how the amount of effort that goes into bringing up a baby...and what a slow process it is.

Diaper by diaper, bath by bath, syringe by syringe.