14 July 2008

Learning from Penguins

The heart-wrenching film 'March of the Penguins' aired on TV last night and I caught it a second time.

It's a movie that will move any parent because you're in the penguins' shoes.

For 2 bitter winter months, Papa Penguin holds a fragile little egg between his feet, protecting it from the arctic ice storms, while Momma penguin journeys to find food.

Of course, my day job is nowhere as treacherous, and bringing food home is more like getting "takeaway".

But my focus here is on Papa Penguin.

He doesn't eat for 2 months. He stands motionless for 2 months lest he drops the egg. When the chick hatches and Momma isn't back in time, he regurgitates an emergency morsel of food he's been storing for 2 months for his chick. And when Momma comes home fully fed, then he begins HIS long journey to find food for his starving body.

Watching Papa Penguin, I couldn't help but develop a new awe for the animal race.

And a deep respect for my husband.