08 November 2008

Swallow Study Soon

All the hard work with feeding therapy is paying off. We had a session with the speech therapist at the hospital, and Vera showed her what she could do with the array of tools - there's the Toothette, the Chewy Tube, the Gum Drop pacifier and the latest addition, a spoon!

Verdict: Vera IS swallowing (they listen to it with a stethescope to the jaw), BUT a little too fast for comfort. Meaning, she can choke. But it's not going into her lungs. Plus, she's begun to show signs of closing her lips around the spoon, instead of rejecting it. However, she can only deal with very small amounts. We've given her apple sauce, pear sauce, peach sauce, and carrot puree so far. Already she seems to like or dislike them.

Bottom line, she's been given the OK for a swallow study (VFSS) in 2 weeks' time. This is a big step towards our aim of oral feeding. We'll find out exactly how liquids are going down into her system. The outcome is we'll be able to determine what textures and consistencies best suit her, so we can continue practising them with her for better results.

We have Vasu to thank for where she's gotten to. He said we must all give special children the benefit of the doubt. He's working towards speech for her, treating her just like a normal child.