03 May 2009

Staying Home

The price of staying home is:

1) Bearing with the heat and humidity all day. No more air con comfort of the workplace. Instead I go through up to 4 T-shirts a day plus no less than 2 showers.

2) Monotony of the routine. The thought usually flashes by my mind when I'm rinsing Vera's feeding tubes for the nth time: "I'm doing this over and over again!" Back at the office, no two days are the same because there's always a different project on.

3) Eating healthy food. Don't get me wrong, this is totally good for me and the food my mom and grandma cook is delicious. But I miss the days at the office where I'd plan to satisfy my culinary fancy for the day - mmm...Japanese Tempura Bento, Malay Nasi Padang, Thai Green Curry, a fat, oily BLT, followed by a Starbucks coffee (ooh Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Latte)...lunch was always the highlight of my day.

The rewards of staying home are:

1) Staying home. Waking up at an un-pre-determined hour every day is a luxury. Of course, this is usually earlier rather than later than when I was working. Vera is now my alarm clock. Sleeping in the day, is also a luxury. With block-out curtains and the air-con, afternoon naps are pretty satisfying.

2) Enjoying Vera. There's nothing like being with your baby in the day. And Vera is so much easier to care for now, which makes her much more enjoyable. Perhaps this really is the right time for me and her to bond - through therapy, through school. I am better at this while Ian is better at handling a difficult baby. Perhaps it is all planned - who's best for Vera at what stage.

3) Getting the house in order. Being the organised nut that I am, I love to IKEA my home. I'm a huge believer in simplifying life by clearing the clutter. I can already hear Ian saying "don't throw anything away without asking me." Okay.

I guess everything has its pros and cons.

Like Ian says, "It's all part of the package."