21 May 2009

Happy 15th Month

Dear Vera,

Happy 15th Month to you. In the past month, you've really come into your own.

You've started to respond to tickling and love us playing with your face.

You've discovered that legs are good for patting - we love to see your hand and leg making friends.

You can now aim a spoon accurately into your mouth, even though you don't yet have the strength to raise your hand on your own.

You love looking at faces, they could be anyone's, you still prefer them to toys.

You can roll off your floor mattress now...we know when you do, because you'll be perfectly still and quiet.

You used to pat us, now it's more like hitting! You must be getting stronger.

You've grown 2cm taller. I wish you'd put on some weight though, you haven't in the last 8 months.

You're more aware than ever. So aware we can't fix your face mask on you in your sleep.

You've gone swimming for the 3rd time now, and you're taking to the water, slowly but surely.

You're smiling more and more now, we're delighted by your cheesy smile.

We celebrate the little miracle that you are, today and every day.