21 May 2009

Mask Madness

Four unsuccessful nights and I am close to giving up.

I knew Vera wasn't going to take the mask lying down, no pun intended. She co-operated for the first night, and that was it. From then on, the moment the air starts blowing, she does her kungfu fighting moves and I haven't even cupped the mask.

One problem is that she needs a mask that covers her face and mouth. So we've gotten her an adult nasal mask, which obviously wouldn't be a good fit (it's made for an adult-sized nose and Vera's face are so small the mask juts out her jaw). The headgear is also free size, meaning, for adults. Why? Because the company recommended by the hospital only had this one option to choose from. And because we had to purchase the mask in order to get the CPAP machine on free trial for a month, we did. Mistake.

We went on the Internet and there were so many mask options there. The problem is, we need a pediatric full face mask. I still have no luck finding one.

If she can't accept the mask, we can't get a sleep study done to find out her levels needed.

If we give up, we'd be knowingly allowing the chance of hypertension and heart issues to come into the picture.

You should hear what goes on in my head every night: "I give up! No, one more time, just be gentle. But she doesn't want it! No, it's good for her! Okay, okay one more time."

Someone give me a mask expert because I'm running out of ideas.

p.s. I'm secretly impressed by Vera's nocturnal defence instincts.