11 October 2008

New Seats

At 7kg, Vera isn't light as a newborn anymore. Explains why we need to start getting her used to sitting on her own. The first six months, she wouldn't sit along for more than 5 minutes. Then suddenly today we put her in the blue, under-utilised rocker and she sat for nearly half an hour, happily watching TV and sucking her thumbs! And I could actually be posting this blog while watching her! This is a very VERY good sign.

She still can't sit up straight though. As you can see, her head is still weak and it flops back when she's in the Bumbo chair. That sitting record: 5 minutes.

Next, I couldn't resist buying a breastfeeding pillow that I thought I could use to get her to learn to sit up. Mummy likes it more than Vera (don't you just love the retro print?)

Once she gets used to her new seats, that's when we can give our arms a rest!