05 October 2008

Back To Usual

Vera is not so lax now. Back to her usual hand-sucking self. She's smiling much more again, so it's a relief. She got me worried for a while. This week, we'll be seeing a dietician to get more clarity on her nutritional needs. Her milk intake has reduced, and she doesn't seem to need as much as before. We hope to find out if this is normal. Plus she can't start on semi-solids, so how's she going grow well?

Some therapy updates:
1) Torticollis - With the stretching exercises we're doing, she's turning more easily towards her right side now, her stiffer side. Lots of work still needed though.

2) Feeding Therapy - We're starting to desensitize her mouth using the toothette (below) and to train her to suck on a pacifier. Naturally, she pushes them out at the moment. It's early days. But least we're actively doing something!