24 October 2008

Can She Hear?

Vera failed the hearing test at the ENT clinic today. On both ears.

"How can that be?" was my first reaction. We knew she has never responded to sound on her left ear, but she's been responding on her right.

It was explained to us that the test was a very stringent one - even if there's mild hearing loss, you'd fail the test. So there's still a possibility that she CAN hear in her right ear, just not perfect hearing.

The ENT doctor suggested we go for a detailed hearing test, which would clear the matter accurately once and for all, but it requires GA and intubation, which we're not keen to subject Vera to at this point in time. So for now, we won't know for sure HOW MUCH she can actually hear us.

No matter what, it doesn't change things. We'll still continue talking and singing to her.