15 October 2008

A “Better” Diagnosis

Speaking of doctors, I now recall what one remarked about Vera’s diagnosis. She apparently said that she is relieved that it turned out to be Trisomy 18, rather than something else like Golden Har Syndrome (which she initially suspected, looking at Vera’s facial abnormalities). Relieved because the infant would live much shorter and that would spare us her parents from a long-term burden. Incidentally, I did a check on survivors of Golden Har, and some are well into their 40s and even married with kids!

She also suggested then that if I needed to stop expressing milk, (in case Vera passed away) she could prescribe medication for me to reduce milk production. Now, my baby is still alive. It seemed then that people were helping me plan for when she was not.

At that point of time, I really couldn’t understand the logic behind those statements. Of course, now it’s becoming clear to me that some doctors are really on the other end of the spectrum in their viewpoint.

We’ve just got to find the ones that are on our side.