21 October 2008

Happy 8th Month

I can't even wait till tomorrow to post this. Chubby chubs is 8 months old and as you can see, happier than she's ever been.

Medically, here's the low-down. Her PDA is fully closed, there is however a thicken wall in her heart. Her kidneys are normal. She has started to see through her right eye some. Her blood pressure, which is systemic according to the doc, is higher than usual but borderline high.

Physically, she's not raising her head as much as before, hates sitting on her own, but loves people to play with her. Feeding therapy continues to teach her how to suckle and someday ingest food orally.

Looks like Vera's inching closer to the 1-year mark now. Thanks to all of you - family, friends, wellwishers - all cheering her on on her mini marathon.