14 October 2008

Low IQ Girl

A harsh title on purpose. Because that's how insensitive a comment from a particular Doctor was.

We'd gone to see a renal doctor to understand if her kidney function could be causing her hypertension.

It was a first visit and she had no background, so I started by saying that Vera on active management and what's important is that her PDA has close, her corneas are clearing, she's responding to therapy...and she interrupts by saying:

"What's important is that she will have low IQ. Dr X has gone through this with you so I don't have to explain further,"

What??? I couldn't believe my ears. I was on the verge of giving her a piece of my mind, but decided it was not worth my effort. Afterall, you can tell a 'holier-than-thou' face when you see one and boy, did she have it.

So much for someone like her, who apparently has 'high' IQ. Pity, what poor EQ.

So little Vera, this is what you're up against in this world in the eyes of some people: You've low IQ and that's all that matters.

I've read horror stories about insensitive doctors of other T18 moms, so I guess everyone gets an experience like this.

Well, we know what really matters: Seeing Vera smile, seeing her grow, seeing her in the morning the next day.

The fact that she still exists, is important reason enough.