01 August 2010

Milk Change

Bye bye Pediasure (for now).

We've switched Vera to Nan H.A. upon advice from her GI doc and another mummy who used it to combat her baby's constipation.

So far, the results have been good. Softer, yellow-green poop. Of course she's still on the stool softener Lactolose daily. What a great product. It doesn't get absorbed by the body, so no side effects.

Nan H.A. is supposedly easier to digest because the proteins have been broken down already. Not sure what that means but as long as it's easy to digest! It must be, because Vera doesn't not arch uncomfortably in her seat (as with Pediasure) towards the end of a feed.

We continue with more water, prune juice, Vitamin C and am thinking of Cod Liver Oil. But dunno if it will oil up the inside g-button.

Just so glad that we don't have to resort to suppositories on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, I've gotten her back on track for her feeding therapy (with a vengeance)! Maybe making up for not doing it the last 5 months.

To my surprise, she seems to be picking up where we left off. She even shows signs of improvement, which totally delights me.

The drill:
Step 1: Massage her face. This stimulates the oral cavity.
Step 2: 'Brush' lips with oral sponge swab. 'Brush' inside mouth as well. This primes her that it's time for 'stuff' to go in her mouth.
Step 3: Chew on Ark Probe. This gives her the cue that she has to bite down on something.
Step 4: Introduce spoon with brown rice.

She doesn't open her mouth wide to take the spoon. But if I place it at her front teeth, she sips it in, bit by bit, complete with clucking sounds that tells me she is tasting it. I listen carefully for her swallowing before the next spoonful.

She has a long way to go towards oral feeding. We may even cause another aspiration episode with this. But hopefully, if I'm very careful, we can inch forward safely, one morsel at a time.