10 August 2010

Advice Needed

Vera is having a bout of bad secretions for the last 2 days.
Very thick, suctioning needed every 3 hours.
Vomiting her feeds.
Able to sleep only 1 hour max at a stretch at night.
Very tired out.
No fever.

So far giving Fluimucil 1/4 pack, once a day.
Zyrtec 2.5ml 2x a day.

Only relief she gets is if I prop her up with an adult pillow. But she tends to slide off when she turns. I have to stay up and reposition her all night through.

Anyone knows whether there's some sort of a "wedge pillow" specially for kids to recline?

Short of buying a hospital bed that can crank up and down.

She's got humidifier thru her bipap, already on saline every few hours, and on machine suctioning every 3 hours. And she's pretty strong now and struggles past any rolled towels we install. So we're needed some heavy duty solutions I'm afraid. : (

Back to the struggling girl...