30 July 2010

She's Just Hungry

What d'ya know. The little girl can't sleep - not because of the bipap setting, not because of the mask, but simply because she's hungry.

We've been so cautious about watching her weight and her reflux that we've not increased her milk volume in a while. And as all children grow, they need more milk.

Problem is, Vera doesn't cry when hungry. So we never really know if or when she's hungry. She doesn't cry when she's not had enough for a feed either. So we never really know if she wants more.

Well, we do know when she's too full, she'll be uncomfortable and squirmish. At least that's a sign of her limit.

And now that we've changed her milk from Pediasure to a lower-caloric, easily digestible one, mummy has forgotten to up the amount to meet her energy requirement.


Previously when she tossed and turned in her sleep, we would feed her water, thinking she was thirsty. She would toss 2 hours later; we'll give her half a feed. 2 hours later she'll be tossing again.

Tonight, I thought, 'heck, let's go with a full feed'. And voila, she yawned and went straight back to sleep.

I'm so glad we've figured this out.

So sorry Vera (and Beth) for your many sleepless nights!