08 January 2010

High Fever

One day Vera was fine. The next morning she had high fever. She wasn't near anyone who was visibly sick. No one at home is. The only 2 changes the day before is her going back to school, and a sudden cold change in the weather.

I was just telling a doctor the other day that Vera hasn't fallen sick in a year. I spoke too soon. (I should have followed the Chinese belief that you do not boast about your health!)

We've never seen Vera with fever so high before. It hit her at 39 deg C and has stayed up there into Day 2. The new neighbourhood doctor we brought her to see did not want to give her meds that would make her drowsy. So the girl has been sleepless for a day now. Just crying, choking, and crying some more. Refusing to be carried and refusing to be put down.

We welcomed the new year in the same way last year. Looks like history likes to repeat itself!