26 January 2010

The Smiles Are Back

Funny how things work out.

Vera comes home from the hospital - chubbier (aren't you supposed to lose weight after an illness?), able to sit up longer (after lying down for too long?), and smilier than ever.

In fact, she's been smiling since we stepped out of the hospital. She smiles in the car on the journey home. She surveys her surroundings intently when we reach back. She smiles when familiar songs are played. She smiles even to herself.

Best of all though, is the smile she gave me when she first opened her eyes this morning. As if saying, "I slept well, Mummy." For too long, we had gotten used to Vera waking up tired and cranky, struggling with congestion. That smile, was worth every cent of her new six-thousand-dollar biPAP machine.

"Sleeping Beauty" - Breas iSleep25 with MaskMedic