13 January 2010

Still In ICU

Day 3 Update:

1) They have decided to keep Vera in ICU for another day as she still desats due to blockage caused by her secretions. Suctioning continues. However, she's been able to get a little more sleep than the day before. Her fever has come down and stayed down today.

2) Vera doesn't have H1N1.

3) We have been told to be prepared to learn suctioning. (I was so hoping I didn't ever have to learn this skill! Even Ian said after seeing how it's done: "I don't think we'll do suctioning at home on Vera," but I guess when it comes down to the wire, we'll have to harden our hearts and do what needs to be done no matter how traumatic it can be for Vera.

We appreciate all the messages of concern and offers to visit Vera, but only parents are allowed into ICU. Even then, we take the strictest precautions of wearing a mask and washing our hands with anti-microbial soap before going near her.

Also, please understand that we will not be receiving visitors when she is in the normal ward given the risk of re-infection.

We have been told that she may have caught the Pneumonia from a person who was a carrier but because that person is strong enough they do not display any symptoms of being sick and appear well.

We have also been warned that she may catch a bug when brought to the normal ward from isolation because of the exposure to other patients and visitors.

Let's hope we can get her home and away from all those hospital bugs as soon as possible!