14 January 2010

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Day 4 update:

1) On Day 1, an X-ray showed infection in her upper right lung. Today, it shows that that hasn't cleared and the left lung is also infected.

2) Vera continues to struggle with copious amounts of secretions and maintaining her sats above 95. At one point in the day, they had to increase her oxygen requirements from 2l/min to 10l/min. It's now down to 2l/min again in the night.

3) She's lethargic most of the time, drifting in and out of sleep.

4) She's been having diarrhea for 6 days now, and her bum looks like they have crimson, second-degree burns.

5) Good things are that her temperature has come down and together with it her heart rate.

Because Vera was born with weaker lungs, they will have to fight even harder to overcome the infection. It will take longer too. So we can't expect overnight turns for the better.