26 June 2009

Here's Looking At You

When you have a child that doesn't talk, you learn to read her every expression.

This is Vera's "intrigued" look - she's anticipating some cuddle, or tickling coming her way. It's also the look I get only when I sing the song I wrote for her "Good morning Vera". "I know that one" she's saying. I've been singing it to her for months, ever since she was still in my tummy. Finally she can recognise it. It's an amazing feeling.

This is Vera's cheesy smile. It says I really like what you just did. She hasn't laughed ever since that rare moment caught on video, but this smile is good enough.

And this, this is Vera wondering why you've broken her "train of thought" and interrupted her in the midst of her finger-sucking reverie. "Sorry, did you say something?" This little girl. She'll give up finger sucking for a talking head, anytime.