10 June 2009

Back Breaking Work

It's been two months now that I've been home with Vera. It's back-breaking work, literally. Because of their low muscle tone, kids like Vera are like 'dead weight' when being carried, so all the weight rests on your spine. My mom has over-strained her spine helping out with all the bending over, carrying and physiotherapy. My back feels it too, it's too used to a life of office work and lack of exercise. This in comparison, is the most exercise I've had on a daily basis!

Some bad habits:
1) Bouncing Vera in my arms sitting on the bed like a 'yao lan' to get her to sleep.
2) Bending over during diaper change with back curved.
3) Hunching while carrying Vera

Now, I try to do these:
1) Vera on floor: Carry her pressed to my body first, then standing up with back straight.
2) Vera in cot: Bend over during diaper change keeping back straight.
3) Less bouncing
4) See a chiropractor!

Hopefully, Vera gets more tone in her back muscles. So we can give ours a break.